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Dent Removal

This repair is also referred to as Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), which utilizes the use of custom built rods or pull tabs to remove dents without harming your original factory paint.  This repair is not necessarily limited by size or location of the dents so rest assured we can get you taken care of.  If you have not seen this repair, it is truly fascinating and encourage you to come by and see how this process works.

The dent removal is accomplished by utilizing techniques and methods to gently and precisely, work out dents and creases which will restore a vehicles body panels to their true design. Furthermore, due to the discreet methods of access diligently adhered to by our technicians, the integrity of the vehicles’ design and craftsmanship is restored and upheld with the highest regard.

If you are unfamiliar with Paintless Dent Repair, it may come as a surprise to learn that most minor dings and dents can be repaired both quickly and at a very low cost. Like many skilled trades, Paintless Dent Repair work is practiced by many, but mastered by few.

While not all vehicle body damage can be repaired by these methods, when appropriate, Paintless Dent Repair techniques can be used to repair damage to an automobile’s body panels. Most smaller dents can be fixed for less than your insurance deductible as well as a fraction of the time necessary in conventional auto body work. This makes Paintless Dent Repair work an ever-increasing preferred alternative to conventional body repair work. Be that as it may, Paintless Dent Repair is not always an option. Any damaged chips or cracks in the vehicle’s paint will require repair in addition to Paintless Dent Repair. However, the application of Paintless Dent Repair techniques minimizes the extent of further repairs adding additional value.  Click here to see an example of a completed project involving this process.  

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