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These are before and after pictures on a Ford F150 that came in recently with a damaged front bumper, hood and fender.  After our initial consultation, the owner decided to add a few upgrades like a cowl hood and custom front bumper.

Here's a red Toyota Camry that sustained damage in a rear end collision.  We see this kind of damage often and can make the necessary repairs quickly.

When this Nissan Cube first came in it had scraps across the roof, hood, and bumper that needed some paint work  for sure. Through our estimate process, the customer knew the cost to do the fixes upfront and agreed that it needed to get done. Below is the before and after picture of the project.

This poor customers Nissan Altima was a victim of a hit and run leaving dings in two seperate panels of the vehicle and causing problems with the fender in general. we were able to make the car look new again with some repairs to the door, and a new fender.  Our customer couldn't believe that we were able to do this work so fast for them and were so happy that the car looked brand new again once completed.   

This is an example of a Ford truck that left the roadway due to some bad weather and paid the price. Below are pictures showing our painting process and the final result for this F450.

Living in Arkansas, it isn't uncommon to have vehicles show up to the shop that have had a run in with an animal on the road.  In the case of this Prius, after hitting a deer the night before, we were able to use our dent removal process and make the car new looking again.   

This Tacoma slid in to a tree one slick morning.

This van had a minor collision

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