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Windshield Repair and Replacements

At Dent Boys, we offer our customers windshield repair or replacement services. These services can be done on-site while you have some time to relax in our lobby with some coffee, or these services can be done by appointment if you desire.

With our windshield repair, a modern process that we have mastered is used utilizing resin technology to repair, rather than replacing a damaged windshield.  Repairing a damanged windshield this way ultimately saves you money by preventing the need for costly replacement instead.  Road debris can cause these smaller damanges and can generally be repaired without removing or replacing the windshield which in turn helps stop the cracking process.

Windshield replacements are sometimes the only way to fix problems when other repairs don't work. We feel that having a quality installation team is important to have, not just for saving money but more importantly, your safety.  We use nothing but the best materials in the industry on your vehicle with the most advanced techniques to improve the quality of the installation and your overall experience with Dent Boys.

Stop by Dent Boys at your convenience or get a quick free estimate prepared by one of our experienced appraisers.
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See photos of our completed work, including paintless dent removal, collision and windshield repair.
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Click here to see letters from a few of our satisfied customers and see what they have to say about Dent Boys.
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You can rest assured your vehicle will receive the care and attention required to quickly and safely get you on the road.
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